A Few Words About Niacin The Niacin flush is is a good thing! Good I’m glad I got that out of the way immediately. Don’t you feel better? It is not harmful. Let’s say it together, “The niacin flush is not harmful.” Great! Now we’re both on the same page. But did you know that the Niacin flush is actually a sign of healthy blood flow in your body? This is related to the Niacin benefits post I just wrote about. Because Niacin open the blood vessel it causes the blood to flow better (properly) and causes a flushing effect. Hence the niacin flush. Voila! See nothing really to be worried about.

When the blood vessels expand blood flows through them better. Makes sense right? Yeah, I think so too. Sometimes small capillaries are actually clogged and the niacin helps break through those, another way to say this is the niacin flush is flushing blood through veins. Blood flowing better — good, blood flowing even better also good. Niacin is helping with the blood flow. The redness or flushing feeling is from the blood that is closest to your skin going through your veins. This could also cause an itchy feeling. So, as you see, the Niacin flush, isn’t bad.